Everyone on the 28th of 12th month of Tibetan calendar go to their parent’s home for New Year, some people go on the 29th but must go before Guthuk time. Guthuk(noodle) is only eaten on the 29th of 12th month of Tibetan calendar which is two days before the Tibetan New Year, on this day we eat Guthuk which is made of nine different ingredients ; dough, dried cheese, various grains, radish and meat. We also put some dough balls, inside of this dough ball there is;
As custom we must eat nine servings of noodle and among these nine serving noodles we will get some of this dough balls. At the end of eating we leave some noodle and put into a broken container and then each family member gets a small piece of dough called dough cleanser which we squeeze in one hand and skimmed over our body and pray that all the diseases taken away. When this is done then the most dramatic part comes out that is one family member hold a fire and fire cracker and shouts out” come out! Come out all the devils” and then throw the fire and the container with leftover guthuks and doughs.

New Year (Lama’s Losar)

Every one weak up early and wear new clothes and visit Jokhang to pay homage. In the rural areas some members of the family gets up very early do the offering and then fetch water. For breakfast we have butter tea which followed by cooked barley wine and cheese which is eaten with Khapsay (Tibetan bread). Today we spend the whole day with family by playing different games and dancing and singing.

New Year (Gyalpo Losa)

we also call King’s Losar, on this day we put prayer flags on house and then visit other family member’s house for greeting and also visit monasteries to pay homage.

New Year ( Choe-kyong Losar)

which is also called protector’s losar, on this day we visit our local god and birth god on the mountains, we raise prayer flags on the hills and mountains burn juniper leaves and incense as offering which is followed by picnic. On this day some people also set animals free

New year (Last day of Losar)

Every one visit monasteries see Chunga Choepa, the butter lamp festival. At night people gathered and played traditional games such as Dhoko Loko which that at a distance there is a bone and we try to hit by small stones and who ever hit it consider to be a lucky person and also have to drink three cups of barley wine.That's how Tibetans spend the last day of the New Year