A beautiful Himalaya journey through Kham region you will see many beautiful grasslands and nomads and traditional old villages. The monasteries are very old and holy. This tour is cultural and pilgrimage tour. There is very famous horse race festival; thousands of visitors come to see this festival. At Shangri La there is the Napa Lake Nature Reserve which is home for black-necked crane for the winter. In winter time it will be a good place for photography..
A Himalaya journey through Kham region, head towards Dartsedo the main gates between Tibet and China for tea and herbals. Through this journey we will pass through Lhagang a very traditional village with very important pilgrimage site. Dranggo (Luhou) a nomad county, located at the riverside of Zhechu and Nyi-Chu. There is also the oldest Thangka at Karzw. Yangtse River, the longest river in Asia. Derge town is one of the three ancient centres of Tibetan culture also famous for its three storey printing house which is built in 1729. We also visit the Serta Labrang Gar the largest monastic college in entire Tibet. Donba place is the home of Gyarong Tibetans. The scenario of this tour is unforgettable as we pass through we will see the rich culture, historic places, never ending grasslands of Nomads with thier Yaks, the beautiful pure lakes and the warmness of Tibetan people.
Jye Kundo tour is a wonderful Kham tour where you will see the centre for tea trade between Tibet and China.On the way you will also see beautiful traditional Tibetan villages with stories of legends and gods.There will be many very old monasteries with thousands of monks and nuns. The longest river in Asia, Yangtse River. The endless grassland and mountains will give you a memory that you will never forget.