Group Tours

With many years experience and tourist's likes we have produced a tour packages that will suit every one, but of course we can also customize private tours as well as affordable group tours. Tibet Mountra outdoors can arrange the Best Tibet Tours for you in Tibet; Lhasa, Amdo and Kham. We welcome you to visit the highlight attractions like Potala Palace, Yamdrok Lake,hundreds years old Monasteries and World’s highest mountains Mt. Everest, the most sacred mountain Mt Kailash, Holy Lhasa.

One of the most sacret mountains in Tibet, buddhist comes from every corner of the world to visit Mount Kailash, specially the tibetans go for pilgrimage by foot for months.Plan a tour for Kailash .

Mt. Everest, world’s highest mountain (8844.43meters) a dream for a lifetime of every mountain-lovers and adventurers. Everest Base Camp tour, it takes two days to drive one-way about 700 km from Lhasa, by pass beautiful landscapes and famous temples all the way, such as the beautiful Yamdrok Lake that is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet.

Lhasa is the heart and soul as well as the capital of Tibet. Lhasa means God’s land and known for its monasteries and pilgrimage sites. There are some of the most famous tourist site like Potala palace, Bhakor Street and Jokhang temple. There are also many tourist sites near Lhasa which will take about one day or two days like Sera, Drepung, Ganden Monastery, Samye, Namtso ,Yamdrok Tso and so on. People who come to Lhasa never return back with empty hand, their hearts were always filled with happiness and finds comfort. Lhasa has become the heart and soul’s comfort zone where people often come here to find the real happiness in life.

This trekking path was found by a foreigner in the 20th century and is a very famous trekking path due to its sceneries. It is suitable for trekkers and photographers. A very special trekking path for Mountaineers, Trekking lovers, Mountains and Nature lovers. This trekking is perfect retreat for people who are tired of noisy towns and cities and longing for nature’s connection.

Mount Yuzhu, 6178m above the sea level, belongs to the eastern part of Kunlun Mountains(It’s a huge mountain body with more than 20 mountains) Located near Golmud in Qinghai province, it is covered with snow the whole year with many glaciers. The alpine meadow area of Southern Mount Yuzhu has many wild animals such as goa, chiru, Equus kiang. The altitude of the Base Camp is 5050m above the sea level. Mount Yuzhu is the best mountain to climb at first time climbers as they can gain high-mountain climbing experience.