Through this tour we will guide you to a very unique holiday where we will show you the real nomad’s life, experience an authentic Tibet. We will fly from Chengdu to Xining and drive to Repkong artist’s village. The monasteries with thousands of monks and we will also visit the Labrang Monastery where most of important religion events, we can also sit for morning prays with monks. From Labrang we will drive to Taktsang Lhamo through the rolling grassy plateau, we will see nomads with their Yaks and Yak hair tents; we will have lunch with one of nomad’s family. From Taktsang Lhamo we will drive to Tangkor the land of nomads, we will live with nomads and enjoy nomad’s life, we will eat yak yogurts and milk. From Tangkor we will drive to Ngawa on the way we will visit monasteries and village, if we travel in summer we will see many farmers working in their fields. This journey will take us through real and remote areas of Tibet where general tourist will not able to see.
These 3-dayshorse riding trip to grassland of Amdo (Zoige grassland in Amdo Tibet Region) will allow us to marvel at the beautiful summer prairies of nomadic Tibetans, filled with countless yaks, sheep, horses and blossoming flowers with the zigzagging Kachu and Yellow Rivers, giving relief to the eyes from the endless grasslands. Experience the real life of the last nomadic lives in Tibet, we offer camping and horseback riding with these wanderers during the grassland's best summer season. Tibet Plateau’s sunrise, fresh air and beautiful landscapes are unique, unlike anything else in the rest of the world. We’ll spend the next three days horseback riding through great rolling grasslands of Amdo Tibet region. Tibet has a long history with the horse. Their riding skills are still legendary today. Throughout Asia, horses still play an essential role in the daily life of Tibetan nomads.